Notre Dame vs Ball State 2018

Notre Dame vs Ball State Football: Saturday’s game will be the first matchup between Notre Dame and Ball State on the football field.

Now the focus turns to not wanting any kind of let down versus Ball State. Of course, a let down doesn’t mean a loss. We’re talking a more realistic letdown, such as it being a remotely close game. In other words, anything less than a blow out will be bad news for Notre Dame football.

The in-state opponent doesn’t have too much going for them. Ball State is a 35-point underdog and finished as one of the worst teams in the MAC last season. Yet, they boast a better record than Michigan.

While Notre Dame is coming off of their victory over the Wolverines, a lot was learned. Brandon Wimbush looks comfortable, the defense is great, Te’von Coney may be the best player on the team and the run game could be strong. We also saw that special teams could be problematic.

The good news for Notre Dame is that not only will the Irish be able to tweak some of the things that may have caused concern, but they will be able to experiment as well.

Where Notre Dame will have to find balance is between experimenting, sharing playing time and posting a dominant win. Once we get closer to the playoff conversation, a close game here would be one more reason to doubt the Irish.